Shared Space

Photography: Westudio,cat

Models: Sofia H, Angelika - Trendmodels

Make Up: Abigail Guerrero, Melody Riola

Hair stylist: Inma - Manos Tijeras

Assistent Styling: Elisabet Forti

Thanks to: Illacions Galeria de Disseny


Shared Space

A new life begins to grow inside the mother.

Two apearances are in dialogue for 9 months, united by the umbilical cord .Two individuals in a body, where a struggle for space occurs in harmony. Combining two characters in one.


This collection combines classic cuts and fabrics with childish volumes and prints. Complex patterns whose joints cause a sense of compression, knots, but also give much space for the body.

In one garment two different fabrics meet, creating the sense of opposites that complement each other.

The designs are made in soft colors, similar to skin tone and enriched with naive prints and handmade embroidery. 

Shared Space
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