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From tuesday till saturday
From 12 to 20 hs.
Studio shop: Aizuri, by Hiske ter Veld

Studio shop Aizuri offers contemporary clothing, furniture and accessories based on vintage patterns and stories. All collections are released in limited edition and conceptually correspond with the unique furniture pieces. Aizuri is a place of creative collaboration: different artists with various disciplines and backgrounds are invited to exhibit or offer their work regularly.

The creation, production and sale of all things Aizuri are closely knit together since they all occur within the same space. Designer Hiske ter Veld aspires to let the process of creation take place in dialogue with the people she creates her designs for: you.


Fashion designer Hiske ter Veld creates elegant, timeless day-to-day women’s wear. Designs are inspired vintage patterns and geometrical shapes complementing the feminine form. What binds all collections by Hiske ter Veld together is the use of natural fabrics and a very limited reproduction.


The furniture in Aizuri is part of the current collection. All pieces are unique and have been given new life: a new concept, colours, furbishing and perhaps even a new purpose.

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